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Welcome to RCV Sales


Over the past decade RCV Sales has grown to become a leading supplier and specialist in Defenders.

At Staplehurst we have gained a reputation for supplying some of the best used Defenders available.

As the Defender will no longer be produced in the form we all know and cherish we have seen demand for the best Land Rovers increase as buyers secure what has become a classic during its long 67 year production.
RCV Sales has over recent years developed into a company that refurbishes, restores and preserves Land Rovers.

Refurbished Defenders are our most popular; The vehicles are mechanically inspected and the components graded (pdi)and repaired or replaced as required. The bodywork is assessed for scuffs or damage and repaired. Even the interior benefits from this process and trimmed as needed from our stock of Exmoor Trim products.

Restored Defenders; This process is much more intensive and usually only applies to vehicles of historic or limited edition status. Restoration may involve chassis replacement and body repairs to bring it back to condition as close as possible to original. Obviously this is time consuming and expensive and therefore only economic on vehicles of importance or which are likely to become future classics.

Preserved Defenders; These are vehicles that are of historic importance and already classics. Generally the bodywork will be used with a patina of age ( so respected in classic car values ) Remembering a vehicle is only original once! These Land Rovers generally receive comprehensive engine, gearbox, transmission, suspension, braking and chassis refurbishment to bring the rebuilt Land Rover as close as possible to the specification when first built.

The RCV Sales Centre is situated by the A229 at Staplehurst Kent, where you can view some of the best used Land Rovers. Please call us if there is a particular Land Rover you are looking for or if you have a Land Rover you wish to sell.